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4 Reasons Older Adults Deserve Second Chances

Giving someone a second chance can be difficult to do, especially when you feel the person should have known better the first time. However, seniors often experience challenges with their health that lead to a need for support as they strive to make positive changes. Here are 4 reasons why your elderly loved one deserves another chance to preserve his or her health.

1. Health News Is Constantly Changing

The older generation grew up in a time when the dangers of smoking were unknown, fast food was viewed as a convenience, and a sedentary lifestyle represented luxury. These days, we know all of these things can shorten a person’s life span. As your loved one learns more about the bad habits he or she developed during youth, encourage him or her to seek support through engaging in healthier activities like attending a support group to quit smoking.

2. Everyone Believes They’ll Live Forever

No one wants to think about how the things they do today will impact their health when they grow older. A feeling of invincibility may have led your loved one to make poor decisions in the past. However, after watching friends develop cancer or heart disease, your loved one may have had a reawakening. Forgive the mistakes your loved one made many years ago and make sure he or she receives home care in Bridgewater and has assistance to do things to prolong his or her life, such as making nutritious meals and walking outside every day.

3. Small Changes Can Add Up

When your loved one was younger, he or she likely thought sticking with a difficult diet plan or workout regimen was the only way to stay healthy. However, doctors are now recommending people make small lifestyle changes that eventually add up to better overall health. If your loved one seems less intimidated by making tiny changes, create a plan to enhance his or her health. Set an alarm for tooth brushing, or schedule a Bridgewater, NJ, home caregiver to help him or her do chair exercises for a few minutes each day. As your loved one sees the results, you can gradually implement more changes.

4. Extra Time Is Worth Every Minute

When your loved one has infuriated you with bad habits over the years, it can be tempting to throw in the towel. However, helping your loved one establish a healthy lifestyle is worth it when you think about the special times you can enjoy in the future. Spend time sharing meals with your loved one, and talk to him or her throughout the day so you can make the most out of every minute you have together.

Seniors who want a second chance to preserve their health can benefit from the proprietary Balanced Care Method (BCM) offered by Home Care Assistance. This program is designed to encourage seniors to focus on healthy habits that can increase their chances of living longer and happier lives. In addition to BCM, we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia home care Bridgewater, NJ, families trust. Learn more about our high-quality in-home care by calling 908.450.9400 today.