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Ensuring a Safe Thanksgiving Get-Together for a Senior with Alzheimer’s

When it pertains to holidays, none is more celebrated in honor of family spirit like Thanksgiving. However, this can be a challenging time for seniors receiving Bridgewater Alzheimer’s care, which is why you should make plans to keep your elderly loved one safe and comfortable during this holiday get-together. 

Keep Your Loved One’s Schedule the Same 

Thanksgiving get-togethers are often lengthy. Even though Thanksgiving dinner may not last long, the time families devote to visiting with one another usually does. You should make sure your loved one takes his or her regularly scheduled nap during the day and be sure to keep meals and snack times on schedule. If your loved one’s favorite television show is on during the get-together, allow him or her to watch it. Keeping a schedule can help seniors with Alzheimer’s feel less confused and disoriented. 

Speak with Other Guests 

You should speak with as many of your Thanksgiving guests as possible to prepare them for what they can expect. Be sure to explain the effects of Alzheimer’s and reassure any grandchildren that if Grandpa or Grandma forgets who they are, it is due to the effects of the disease. Also, explain it is important for the grandchildren to engage with their grandparent, even if he or she does not remember them. However, remind your guests to be patient and never force your loved one to remember something. Let it happen naturally. 

Prepare Your Loved One 

Just as much as you need to prepare your guests, you need to speak with your loved one about the get-together. A week before Thanksgiving, you should remind him or her about the holiday and explain what it is and why it is celebrated. You may also need to inform your loved one who is coming, what their relationship is to him or her, and why they are coming. Even if your loved one does not remember all of this information, he or she may remember some of it, which could help him or her remain calm and less confused at the Thanksgiving get-together. 

Create a Quiet Space

You will need to have a quiet room at the house where your loved one can go to rest or be alone. A Thanksgiving get-together can be stressful for some seniors with Alzheimer’s, so a change in scenery may be necessary. This quiet room needs to be away from the excessive noise and movement of the gathering. You can take your loved one to the quiet room to relax or to read a story that could help him or her calm down and escape the excitement, which is often overwhelming for a senior with Alzheimer’s.

Though a Thanksgiving get-together should be enjoyed by all, don’t forget to take your loved one’s individual needs into consideration. If he or she could use additional assistance over the holidays, get in touch with Home Care Assistance. We offer Alzheimer’s and dementia home care Bridgewater families trust, and all of our caregivers are trained in the revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method, an activities-based program designed to help seniors with memory related conditions lead happier and healthier lives. For more information, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 908.450.9400 to schedule a complimentary consultation.