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Social Media and Senior Health: How One Affects the Other

It’s a fact that social media gained momentum with the help of young people. However, it’s a misconception that social networking is only for teenagers and young adults. In fact, caregivers in Bridgewater are reporting more seniors using social media than ever before. According to the “New York Daily News,” about two-thirds of adults over the age of 50 engage in social networking. And, as it turns out, research shows that social media is actually good for seniors.

Benefits of Social Media
Social media first started out as an easy way to keep in touch with others, and many seniors are turning to social media to look for long-lost friends or stay in touch with family who lives too far away to see in person. One major senior health concern is depression, which often stems from loneliness, and social networking may help ease this risk. The connectivity also encourages better cognitive function.

Seniors can also use social media as a method of support for chronic illnesses. Some may simply network to learn more information, while others utilize various platforms to share their own stories and make personal connections. It’s important to have a support group at home, but having connections with others dealing with the same health issues can make seniors feel less alone. When disease transforms into disability, social media becomes an even more powerful tool for socializing, especially if your loved one can’t leave the home as often.

Encourage Seniors to Engage
Some seniors are hesitant to explore social media options because they’re less familiar with technology than younger generations. Encourage your loved one to use social media by offering to help them sign up and being willing to show them how to use whatever platform they choose. If your senior loved one is still unsure, let them know about online forums they might find interesting or tell them about some friends and relatives who they can stay in touch with through social media.

At Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater, we know how important your senior loved one’s health is to you and there are lots of other things, besides using social media, that you can do to help them stay healthy. One of those things is hiring a local Bridgewater caregiver who can grocery shop and cook healthy meals, encourage regular exercise, do activities that promote cognitive function, and make your loved one’s overall health and wellbeing their number one priority. We provide every caregiver with ongoing training, offer flexible schedules, and never require long-term contracts. Call (908) 450-9400 to learn more about the services in your area.