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Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe this Winter

The winter months are an exciting time. Many families look forward to the first snowfall and upcoming seasonal gatherings. However, it can be a dangerous time for seniors who are more vulnerable to illnesses and injuries as the temperatures begin to plunge. Here is a checklist from trusted home care provider, Bridgewater Home Care Assistance, to make certain your senior loved one stays safe this winter.

Update Immunizations
For many active seniors, winter marks a flurry of social events that can put them into close contact with many germs. The flu and pneumonia are two of the most serious illnesses that strike seniors during this time of year, and both can be prevented by a quick trip to the doctor for a shot.

Clear Outdoor Pathways
In addition to illnesses, slip-and-fall injuries rise during the frosty winter days. Freezing precipitation, falling tree limbs, and holiday decorations can all pose a risk for falls if they block a senior’s path. Make sure driveways and porches stay clear by arranging for snow and ice removal services following winter storms.

Schedule a Heating System Inspection
Freezing temperatures can strain older heating systems and cause an outage right when a senior needs warmth the most. Be sure to schedule an inspection well before winter hits so that any required maintenance can be completed. Then, make sure your senior loved one knows where to go and who to contact in an emergency power outage.

Arrange for Frequent Check-Ins
Even with the best precautions, accidents and illnesses can happen. If your loved one lives at home alone, setup a check-in schedule that might include one or two phone calls a day. Also, if your loved one still drives, have a system in place for your senior to notify you when he or she has left the house and has returned.

Get Help
Seniors who are regularly visited by friends and family are more likely to stay healthy throughout the winter months. If your schedule is packed during the holidays, find a professional Bridgewater hourly caregiver who can visit on a daily or weekly basis to help ensure that your loved one has everything they need to stay comfortable and safe.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can be sure your senior will have a wonderful and safe winter. If you live in an area where weather doesn’t always permit leaving the house to visit your senior, consider 24/7 live-in care in Bridgewater which can provide your loved one with around the clock assistance to ensure safety and comfort. Call a Care Manager today at (908) 450-9400 to find out more about the services offered by Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater.