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5 Fashion Models Who Prove Beauty Has No Age

Seniors who break the mold and continue to be productive beyond retirement can inspire other elderly adults. These senior fashion models are inspirational because they defy stereotypes about age, productivity, and employment. Bridgewater in-home care professionals bring you profiles of senior models who are living proof age is nothing but a number.

1. Daphne Selfe

Selfe has been modeling since 1949, and is still going strong at age 88. She believes people only get better with age, something she proves year after year. She eats three healthy meals per day and continues to stay physically active. As long as Selfe is booked, she will continue to show up and model.

2. Iris Apfel

Apfel refuses to believe the notion that turning 65 means retirement, which is why she still works as a fashion model at the age of 95. To date, she is the face of the Brand Illusion, an Australian brand, and still appears in commercials. Her beauty tips include standing up straight and dressing age-appropriate. She encourages women to stay active and avoid junk food and soda.

3. Jacquie Tajah Murdock 

At age 86, Murdock is living life to the fullest. In her early 80s, she was stopped by a photographer and author of a website for stylish elders. Murdock agreed to let him take her photo for the website, and she has continued to model ever since. She stays healthy by taking dance classes and working out.

4. Sarah Wiley 

Wiley, age 69, has seen her modeling career bloom in her older years, and she does not seem to be slowing down. She is represented by a modeling agency and can be seen in many campaigns across the world. Wiley goes to the gym to work out, but believes her training as a ballet dancer has kept her in shape and confident as an older model.

5. Catherine Deneuve 

This actress turned model can be seen in many high-end clothing and cosmetic campaigns. Deneuve is 73 years old and uses natural products to keep her hair and skin looking gorgeous. She embraces aging and owns whatever changes she experiences. Many people believe it is Deneuve’s confidence that makes her such a beautiful model.

Senior modeling is just one example of how, with the right attitude, the elderly can be productive well beyond retirement age. Encourage and support your loved one to try something new. You can also hire a compassionate caregiver from Home Care Assistance who can support your loved one in making creative use of his or her time, alongside assisting him or her with daily tasks. We also provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia home care Bridgewater families can rely on. To find out more about the types of services we offer, call 908.450.9400 and request a no-obligation consultation.