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Most Important Steps to Ensure Successful Post Stroke Home Care

If your aging parent or spouse is currently recovering from a stroke, we understand that while you’re grateful of the outcome, the sudden care responsibilities coupled with your aging loved one’s post-stroke symptoms can be overwhelming. Once your aging loved one returns home from the hospital, the road to rehabilitation truly begins. In-home stroke recovery is a very crucial stage of your aging parent or spouse’s healing process as it is designed to help them relearn skills that allow for independence and safety. This is why it is beneficial to have the help of a stroke home care expert from Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater who is trained to specifically handle the unique needs of seniors in stroke recovery.

After someone suffers a stroke, the most critical time is often in the days that follow soon after returning home. Recovering seniors need to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to prevent a secondary stroke or injury related to lack of mobility. For this reason, many families in Bridgewater turn to the trusted providers of live-in caregivers available at Home Care Assistance. Here are some of the crucial tasks that one of our live-in stroke caregivers can help with:

1. Home Modifications
After suffering a stroke, seniors will commonly have difficulty moving on their own and will require mobility support from a caregiver as well as home devices. The first step is conducting a home safety evaluation and then taking the necessary steps to install equipment and remove any items that may be dangerous to your aging loved one.

2. Physical and Speech Therapy
Your aging loved one’s physician will likely recommend both physical and speech therapies that should be practiced in home on a daily basis for effective and timely rehabilitation. Physical therapy involves relearning how to do daily tasks, strengthening muscles and help with mobility. Speech therapy addresses short-term language impairments through communication and language games.

3. Health and Nutrition
One of the biggest life changes for stroke patients is adjusting to modified meals that are both nutritious and easy to eat. Home Care Assistance caregivers are able to help stroke survivors by preparing healthy meals, assisting during meal time if necessary and reducing choking hazards.

When caring for an aging loved one who is recovering from a stroke, it’s important to remember that it takes time and some seniors will require more than others. An in-home post-stroke caregiver from Bridgewater Home Care Assistance can provide the around-the-clock care that a recovering senior needs while also supplying you with respite and peace of mind.

For more information on how an in-home stroke caregiver can help you and your aging loved one on the road to recovery, contact Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater at 908.450.9400.