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Tips for Keeping Elderly Motivated

Keeping seniors motivated and engaged can become increasingly difficult as energy levels decrease and daily activities become more challenging. For some aging adults, small tasks like washing the dishes, getting regular exercise and even preparing home-cooked meals begin to require an increased amount of effort and they enlist the help of a part-time caregiver in Bridgewater. Encouraging your senior loved one to keep challenging his or herself is the best thing you can do to help them maintain mobility, focus, and a sense of autonomy even if he or she requires additional help.

Work and Rewards

People of all ages respond well to a system of work and rewards. You can motivate your senior family member to become more physically active and diligent in his or her efforts to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle by implementing a system of rewards. You can offer to take your loved one to the movies or on another fun social outing every time he or she completes a full week of daily exercise and clean eating.

Help Your Loved One Set Feasible Goals

Setting feasible, measurable goals helps seniors establish a sense of direction and mark their progress. Work with your elderly loved one to determine where the greatest effort must be invested and where the biggest changes must be made. Together, you can create a feasible outline for getting the necessary work done. You can also help your senior family member identify any resources that might be helpful for preserving his or her independence in a specific area.


If you are having a hard time getting your loved one motivated, you may want to ask whether or not he or she has been feeling down, depression and/or loneliness can keep seniors from feeling motivated to do anything. Too much time spent living in isolation is often the cause of senior depression. Helping your loved one schedule a variety of social activities or finding a caregiver in Bridgewater who can visit your loved one regularly could be the best way to get his or her spirits and energy levels up.

Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater can offer more tips for keeping senior motivated, or match your loved one with a caregiver who can assist with a wide variety tasks and provide ongoing companionship. You can learn more about the services available near you by clicking here, or you can call a friendly Care Manager at (908) 450-9400 and schedule a free in-home consultation.