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4 Hobbies That Can Promote a Senior’s Health

Hobbies are good for people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in, but some can be especially beneficial to a senior’s physical, cognitive, or emotional health. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of in-home care in Bridgewater, has put together a list of health-boosting hobbies your elderly loved one may want to try.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise, which means it does not place extra stress on the muscles and joints. Older adults who swim regularly are less likely to experience falls than non-swimmers, and they also demonstrate better balance while standing. Like all forms of exercise, swimming releases chemicals called endorphins into the brain, which can help reduce anxiety and boost your loved one’s mood.

2. Volunteering

Older adults who volunteer their time to help others tend to live longer and also report fewer disabilities than those who do not volunteer. Pitching in for a good cause can help your loved one avoid isolation and loneliness and can also help preserve cognitive function because trying new things can stimulate the brain and create new neurological pathways.

3. Reading

Audio publications and those available in large print make reading an accessible hobby for people of any age. Reading increases memory and knowledge, promotes awareness of current events, and sharpens decision-making skills. One study found older adult readers experienced a 32 percent slower rate of cognitive decline than those who did not read regularly, which makes this hobby an especially great idea if your loved one is receiving Alzheimer’s or dementia care in Bridgewater.

4. Genealogy

Genealogy is the study of one’s ancestry. Many websites are available to help seniors interested in finding out more about their descendants, and those who use these websites show an increased level of comfort with computers. As a result, many seniors make stronger connections with family members and friends through the use of email or social media. Like reading and volunteering, genealogy is mentally stimulating, and it can also enhance your loved one’s self-esteem by allowing him or her to leave a valuable legacy for younger family members.

Whatever hobby your loved one wants to pursue, Home Care Assistance can make sure he or she has the necessary direction and encouragement to meet his or her goals. Depending on your loved one’s health condition, he or she might also benefit from the specialized Parkinson’s or stroke care in Bridgewater we provide at no additional cost. Let our expertly trained caregivers help your loved one succeed in his or her new passion. Call one of our experienced Care Managers today at 908.450.9400 to schedule a free in-home consultation.