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Getting Fit with Your Senior Loved One

Working out with a senior loved one can be a mutually beneficial endeavor. Efforts like these give aging adults a chance to stay socially engaged while providing the routine physical activity they need to maintain optimum health. You’ll discover a range of effective low-impact exercises that can help your loved one stay physically and mentally fit, and you’ll also spend more quality time together. Bridgewater respite care professionals suggest a few ways you and your loved one can get fit together.

Take Swimming Classes

Many indoor swimming pools host lap swimming and water aerobics classes. Though the deeper end of the pool is typically reserved for lap swimmers, the shallow end is used for activities like water ballet and other forms of guided exercise. You can engage in vigorous cardio exercise while your loved one builds strength, coordination, and balance, and you’ll both have the benefit of performing activities that place no unnecessary stress on the joints and bones.

Schedule a Daily Walk

Several times per week, try to take a nice long walk with your loved one after lunch or just before dinner. In addition to burning calories, this relaxing and cathartic activity can help you both de-stress and sleep soundly.

Watch an Exercise DVD Together

Working out can be as simple as pushing the furniture aside and popping in a DVD. Look for workout DVDs that include low-impact or seated activities as well as music you both enjoy. Learning how to exercise at home can keep your loved one’s fitness program on track even if outside temperatures plummet or soar.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is the perfect form of non-impact exercise for both seniors and Bridgewater caregivers. A basic beginner class usually includes a variety of simple poses that build balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Many instructors also share a number of easy modifications for each pose so all fitness levels can be accommodated.

Sign Up for an Adult Dance Class

Local park and recreation centers often offer a variety of adult dance classes, which are perfect for burning calories, meeting new people, and increasing balance, endurance, and coordination. The challenge of learning complex dance routines can also help your loved one develop new neural connections for better brain functioning.

Go Cycling

Cycling is an excellent non-impact activity for weight loss and maintenance and overall fitness. Seniors with limited mobility or other physical challenges can try out the adult tricycles many cycle shops are currently selling. These tricycles greatly limit the risk of falling, and they’re very easy to operate. Continuous motion activities like cycling are especially beneficial for seniors with Parkinson’s disease. Cycling helps them overcome many of the motor challenges associated with this illness, which allows them to achieve a state of smooth and seamless movement.

Exercise is often more enjoyable with an encouraging partner. If you are unavailable to exercise with your loved one, consider hiring a professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance. In addition to assisting with physical activity, our caregivers can help with a wide variety of everyday tasks. For more information on the home care Bridgewater seniors and their families trust, call 908.450.9400 today.