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6 Gadgets Helping Seniors with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease affects a particular part of the nervous system that controls movement. Although there are exercises that can help alleviate symptoms, adult children and caregivers in Bridgewater can provide independence and comfort with products that are designed to make life easier for people with Parkinson’s.

1. Large Grip Utensils

Utensils with large cushioned grips prevent the utensil from slipping. They are easy to hold and comfortable for seniors who are experiencing weakness or control issues. Adjustable angle designs give the user either a left or right hand option.

2. Large Handled Mugs

Drinking is difficult for seniors who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s. There are mugs available that have two large handles positioned across from each other, which gives the user extra stability while drinking.

3. No Spill Plates

Plates that have a suction cup base create a no-slip eating platform and a raised rim prevents spills. You can also invest in weighted and/or angled bowls and plates.

4. Straw Holders

Many seniors with Parkinson’s find that drinking is easier using a straw. A straw holder easily attaches to the lip of a cup or glass with different holes, so that the straw can be placed at just the right angle. A straw designed for hot beverages is also a nice addition to kitchen gadgets.

5. ADL Cuff

Patients who are experiencing a lack of strength in their hands will benefit from the use of an ADL cuff. It wraps around the hand and holds eating utensils or writing implements so the senior doesn’t need to grip the item.

6. Steady Writing

Writing can be difficult for those with Parkinson’s but there are products on the market that are helpful. They are designed to help people write by using a weighted pen or a triangular base that balances the writing hand.

Parkinson’s patients want to feel independent for as long as possible, which is among the top reasons for seeking Parkinson’s home care in Bridgewater, and implements like those listed above will help your loved one maintain dignity as they adjust to PD symptoms.

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