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3 Hand Exercises for Seniors with Parkinson’s

Seniors who have Parkinson’s sometimes find it difficult to complete daily tasks when their hand tremors begin to act up. However, a few simple exercises done in the comfort of home can help relieve symptoms. Following is a brief list of exercises from Bridgewater, NJ, senior care experts, Home Care Assistance. Remember to check with your senior loved one’s physician before implementing any new exercise routine.

1. Write or type

Seniors with Parkinson’s can relieve their hand tremors by writing on a piece of paper or typing on a computer. It’s not important if the writing (or typing) is legible. The point is to encourage the hands to work through tremors because intentional action is known to relieve tremors.

2. Stretch arms and hands

Have your loved one face a wall about eight inches away, stretch arms outward, and place palms against the wall. Then stretch out the arms, similar to a wall push-up. This will help strengthen your elderly relative’s arm muscles. There are also several other hand and arm stretches, like the wrist extension stretch, finger curls, making a fist, and shaking the hands, that can help provide relief for tremors.

3. Relax the muscles

After exercise, it is always best to relax the muscles used. Muscles that are not given the chance to relax after exercise tend to tense up and become stiff, and this can actually worsen the tremors that already plague your loved one’s hands.

If you’re interested in learning more about Parkinson’s care in Bridgewater, give Home Care Assistance a call at 908.450.9400. Our compassionate caregivers are highly qualified, trained in comprehensive care methods, and can help your senior loved one with daily responsibilities, including cooking, light cleaning, running errands, and assisting with physical therapy efforts.