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Encouraging Seniors to Write the Novel They’ve Been Putting Off

According to a well-known saying, everyone has a book inside them just waiting to be written, and seniors often have years of experience they can pull from to write the Great American Novel. If your senior loved one has always wanted to write a novel, Bridgewater caregivers recommend a few tips to get him or her immersed in a hobby that offers a strong sense of purpose and a new way to relieve stress.

Help Plan the Novel

After years of putting off writing, some seniors may be hesitant to put pen to paper. Begin by asking your loved one open-ended questions about the plot, or ask him or her to describe a character. Breaking the act of novel writing down into smaller steps may make it seem easier to manage if your loved one seems nervous about embarking on such a grand adventure.

Offer to Edit

Concerns about grammar or writing skills are common reasons why seniors put off writing their novels. Help quell your loved one’s worries by promising to edit with a nonjudgmental mind. Alternatively, you can show your loved one how to use software features like spell check to eliminate his or her writing quirks.

Set Aside Time Each Day for Writing

It is also common for seniors to claim they are just too busy to write. However, it only takes a few minutes each day to add up to quite a few words by the end of a year. Help your loved one decide what time of day he or she prefers to write, and incorporate writing time into his or her daily schedule.

Encourage Involvement in a Writing Group

Writing groups are tremendous assets for writers who benefit from having the support of others, and groups like offer the chance to work within a social atmosphere. Today, writing groups can be found online and at libraries and other community organizations that welcome new senior writers with open arms. Knowing others are looking forward to reading what he or she has to say may keep your loved one motivated to fill up another page.

Writing and other creative activities are perfect ways for your loved one to keep his or her mind engaged and stave off cognitive decline. At Home Care Assistance, we offer a program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), which uses fun brain-boosting activities to delay the onset of dementia and help seniors regain a sense of pride and accomplishment. For more information on CTM and the home care Bridgewater seniors count on, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 908.450.9400 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.