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5 Fun Things You & Mom Can Do This Mother’s Day

Although we should show our aging parents love and affection everyday of the year, on days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it’s important to do a little something extra that lets them know just how important they are. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t planned anything yet, Bridgewater senior care provider Home Care Assistance recommends one of the following fun, senior-friendly activities.

1. Make a Keepsake Box

Especially helpful for seniors with memory issues and those who receive dementia or or Alzheimer’s home care in Bridgewater, making a keepsake box is a great way to recall special moments and share family stories. All you need is some type of box–a shoebox or a small storage box with a lid will work–and some stuff to decorate it. Once you get that done, grab a bunch of photos, scraps of cloth, old greeting cards or whatever else comes to mind and start putting stuff in the box and sharing stories.

2. Plan an Outdoor Brunch

Instead of going out for brunch, consider doing a little cooking together and eating brunch outside if the weather is pleasant. This will give you a chance to share favorite family recipes, whether it’s for some amazing potato salad or a special pie that always brings back fond memories. Invite the rest of the family and you’ll have a gathering of loved ones that your mom is sure to appreciate.

3. Put on a Family Play

Get some basic props (or make the props yourself with some construction paper, cardboard and paint) and set everything up in the backyard or somewhere inside, depending on where your mom is most comfortable. You can easily find scripts online for short, funny plays that you can print out for everyone. Even if lines are flubbed and scenery topples over, mom is sure to be pleasantly amused.

4. Have a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items and hide them either around the house or outside around the yard. If mom has mobility issues, make sure everything is within easy reach. Again, the entire family can be involved with this one. Consider hiding a few surprises next to the items on the list, like some flowers, a piece of jewelry or some other special gift for mom.

5. Do Some Spring Planting

If mom loves gardening but has trouble getting the actual work done, making spring planting a Mother’s Day activity is a great way to lend mom a much-appreciated hand while leaving her with something she can enjoy throughout the summer. Start the day with a trip to a local nursery or garden center and let mom pick out all the flowers and veggies she wants for her garden. Spend the afternoon helping mom with the planting and cap off the day with a mother’s day dinner.

It can be tough to make a special plan and set aside a chunk of time to fete an aging parent, but if you feel like you’re spread too thin it might be time to ask for help. Home Care Assistance offers flexible hourly and 24/7 live-in care in Bridgewater to ensure your senior loved one has the help they need when they need it. Allowing a professional caregiver into your loved one’s home will not only help them, it will give you a chance to focus on your own responsibilities and return to being a doting child. Schedule a free in-home consultation by calling 908.450.9400 today.