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Not All Background Checks are Created Equal

Family is the most important asset that a person can possess. When choosing a Bridgewater caregiver for an aging loved one, security and stability are at the forefront of the decision making process. How can families find a reliable, honest and compassionate caregiver who has the required skills to care for their aging loved one? While in-person interviews and reference checks are often a large part of the caregiver selection process, many families also rely on background checks to ensure the caregiver is someone they can confidently entrust the care of their loved one to.

A background check is one of the preferred resources for families in search of a reliable caregiver. A background check will release information about the prospective caregiver including any criminal charges, legal history, current addresses and possibly information about his or her family and relatives.

Today, the internet provides an abundance of background check services for individual use. The fee for these services often range anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on which services are used and what specifically the family is looking to check. Unfortunately, the biggest risk of using such websites is misinformation. It can be difficult to determine a legitimate website from a fraudulent source, making any information obtained not guaranteed to be accurate.

When it comes to entrusting the care of an aging parent or loved one to someone else, families want to be confident that the caregiver chosen does not have a criminal record and has a legitimate and consistent work history. That’s where home care agencies come in. When working with a trusted Bridgewater home care agency, families can enjoy peace of mind that all employed caregivers have not only passed a background check, but have passed one that is reliable and from a trusted source.

As with any decision, cost is often a factor; however can you put a cost on the safety of your aging parent or loved one? If you are looking for a home caregiver, contact Home Care Assistance of Bridgewater today. All of our caregivers have been carefully selected and thoroughly vetted with national and criminal background checks and each is insured, bonded and licensed. Unlike other care agencies, we require caregivers attend our Home Care University for additional training to build on their experience and we provide them with continuous education throughout their tenure to ensure they stay up to date on the latest advancements in elder care.

To learn more about our caregivers, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a devoted Care Manager. Simply call 908-450-9400 and learn how our Bridgewater hourly care plans are helping seniors maintain their safety, independence and regular routines, all from the comfort of home.