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Auto Safety Features for Seniors

Your senior loved one may still be a competent driver, but it’s never too early to look into some helpful products that can curb common auto safety issues. The staff of Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior home care in Bridgewater, is pleased to provide this list of auto safety features that may benefit your loved one.

Seat Belt Cushioning

Your loved one is more likely to be bruised by his or her seat belt than a younger person would be. Investing in seat belt cushioning is a good protective measure, especially if he or she is on an aspirin therapy regimen and even more susceptible to bruising. This cushioning can reduce the likelihood of injury when braking hard or being struck from behind.

Extra Step for Trucks and SUVs

Decreased mobility, arthritis, and many other factors can make it more difficult to use a vehicle. If your loved one drives a vehicle that is higher off the ground than average, installing an extra step can prevent injuries and make it easier for him or her to enter and exit.

Seasonal Car Safety Kit

If your loved one lives or travels in places with extreme temperatures, it may be a good idea to outfit his or her car with a seasonally appropriate safety kit. All kits should contain a first aid kit, basic automotive tools, a gas can, distilled water, and a few Meal, Ready-to-Eat style rations. For warmer climates, extra water and sunscreen should be added. For cold climates, blankets and cold weather gear are essential.


Even if your loved one isn’t experiencing confusion or the early stages of dementia, having GPS can still be useful. It can be used for long trips or if he or she has trouble finding their way home after dark. As an extra precaution, you can even program the home button so there is always a way for your loved one to get back, regardless from where.

Though your elderly loved one may still have a solid grasp on driving now, the time may come when he or she is no longer able to safely get behind the wheel of a car. If or when that happens, consider part-time hourly care in Bridgewater, NJ, from Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can help your loved one complete errands and attend important appointments, in addition to helping with daily tasks like cooking, light cleaning, and personal grooming. For more information, call us at 908.450.9400 today to speak with one of our experienced Care Managers and schedule a free in-home consultation.